The Virtualizer developed by the young virtual-reality-enthusiasts of "Cyberith" is a locomotion device that delivers completely new impressions and experiences regarding gameplay and entertainment. These experiences of virtual reality are ensured through the omnidirectional treadmill, by assigning absolute priority to achieving maximal freedom of movement and the best immersion possible.


Realistic experiences in your own private home

It provides the user with the most immersive experience of virtual worlds possible - in your own private home. The Virtualizer was developed with the objective to optimize the realistic impression of first-person games. It simultaneously unchains the player from his chair and places him right into the action. Using the Virtualizer yields the opportunity to actively participate in the adventures of your favourite character and for the first time not to be stopped by the borders of your screen.


Wide range of natural movements

This is possible due to the fact that this highly developed device does not restrict your natural freedom of movement. The Virtualizer not only supports simple forward-faced movements like walking or running, but also walking backwards, crouching, jumping and even sitting. The device is the world's first omnidirectional treadmill for home use that has its sensor system integrated. The highly engineered sensor system, combined with head-mounted displays for VR, places the user directly into the virtual world and delivers overwhelming experiences.


Stepless movements without the need of special shoes

Experience and immersion are enhanced by the Virtualizer's ability to detect and process movement steplessly, which makes it possible to move in the same speed ingame as you do in the real world. Moreover, it was a matter of high interest for the developers to make the device usable without any need for special shoes. These would only imply additional costs for the customer and problems regarding shoe sizes. The underlying functional principle is based on a special platform that features a highly elaborated surface with the right coefficient of friction combined with a vertically adjustable ring-construction in hip-height. This construction absorbs the remaining frictional force and was purpose-built to enable the user's free movement and is adjustable to the operator's specific body height.


Easy to install and whisper quiet

Additionally, the device is designed to work in a "plug and play"-manner. Thus, it is very easy to set up and install. Because the Virtualizer is to be used with plain socks it does not yield the risk of noise disturbance


All-purpose Device

The fields of application of the Virtualizer go much further than just VR-gaming. As the device enables joining any virtual world you can imagine, there is a wide range of possible applications in fields like architecture, tourism, psychological therapy, education, training,...


If you require more information or you have questions regarding the device, write us at Support/Contact.