Virtualizer R&D Kit and a Virtualizer ELITE 2 - Product Renderings with Users

VR Walking Platforms for Professionals and Businesses

The Cyberith Virtualizer is a locomotion platform for walking in virtual reality. Also known under the name “Omnidirectional Treadmill”, our VR simulator enables full movement in 360 degrees.

The VidMill Video Production Treadmill is a belt-based rotating treadmill for on-set virtual production and volumetric capture.

Virtualizer Products - Virtual Reality Treadmills

Cyberith is the leading provider of VR Locomotion Devices for Training, Simulation and Research. Our VR Treadmills enable walking and running in 360 degrees through infinitely sized virtual environments.

We offer two versions of the Virtualizer: The new Virtualizer ELITE 2 and the Virtualizer R&D Kit.


Virtualizer ELITE 2

Our second generation product uses a powered motion platform to actively support walking in VR.

The Virtualizer ELITE 2 enables the most convenient movement in Virtual Reality applications.

Virtualizer Research & Development Kit

The fully optical motion tracking system of the Virtualizer guarantees for high precission and low latency.

Due to the standardized software interface, the Virtualizer R&D Kit is fully compatible with the Virtualizer ELITE 2.

Optional Add-On Modules for the Virtualizer VR Walking Simulators

Virtualizer Rehab Module

The Virtualizer Rehab Module is an optional add-on for the Virtualizer ELITE 2, designed specifically to meet the safety demands of Rehabilitation & Therapy.

The Rehab Module makes entering, exiting & walking in the Virtualizer safe for senior patients, frail users and mobility restricted people.

Virtualizer Stand-Alone Module (VirtSAM)

The Virtualizer Stand-Alone Module allows to use Cyberith’s VR Treadmills with standalone VR Headsets such as Quest 2, Quest Pro, Vive Focus 3, Pico, etc. without requiring a PC.

It’s a touchscreen-based add-on module compatible with all Virtualizer models for connecting the Virtualizer via Bluetooth.

VidMill - Video Production Treadmill for Film Studios

The Cyberith VidMill is a 360° turning treadmill that has been designed specifically for Virtual Production & Volumetric Capture.


It is a belt-based treadmill, that’s rotatable infinitely and controlled from a PC. It’s direct integration with Unreal Engine makes it an ideal tool for Virtual Production, but it is similarly suitable for Volumetric Capture.

Note, that – in contrast to the Virtualizer – the VidMill is is not a Treadmill designed to be used in combination with VR headsets.

Cyberith VidMill - Video Production Treadmill

Cyberith SDK Functionality: Locomotion, Haptics & Full Body Tracking (Inverse Kinematics)

VR Locomotion

The core functionality of our Virtualizer VR Treadmills and the Cyberith SDK is locomotion – walking through large sized virtual environments.

Haptic Feedback

Baseplate of the Virtualizer ELITE 2

All Virtualizer products come with an integrated vibration unit, that can be controlled from your Unity or Unreal Engine application easily.

Inverse Kinematics (IK)

Cyberith-IK is a full body tracking system for Unity, that fully utilizes the Virtualzer’s data. Based on FinalIK, it makes your virtual avatar move realistically.

The Virtualizer works with the Games, Simulations & Applications you need

  • Implement our Treadmill in your own applications
    • Fully prepared Plug-Ins for Unity & Unreal
    • Native SDK available in C#, C++ & Python
  • Compatible with dozens of SteamVR Applications & Games, due to SteamVR Integration
  • Commercial Games & Applications available through the Cyberith Arcade System
  • Ask us for help, we get you what you need
Character Controller in Unity

Virtualizer Benefits: Flexible, Small Space Required, Scalable

Highest Possible Flexibility

The Virtualizer works with any VR application you create, independently of the virtual scenario’s size. It does not require any conceptual adaptations of your VR environment.

Lowest Possible Space Requirement

The Virtualizer requires as little space as practically possible: The user should be able to turn around with outstretched arms and without hitting nearby objects.

Highly Scalable & Multi-User Compatible

The Virtualizer is designed for multi-user applications. Connect as many of our Virtualizer VR Treadmills as your application supports.

Fireman in the Virtualizer ELITE 2

The Virtualizer Flexibility

  • Works with any VR application you create
    • Virtual environment can be as large as you want
    • Complete freedom of movement in all directions: No need to conceptually modify your application
  • For PC-VR (direct USB connection) or Standalone VR (with Virtualizer Stand-Alone Module)
  • Works with any VR headset on PC, but also with CAVE Automatic Virtual Environments, Domes or other projector based VR systems.
  • Compatible with other VR devices (gloves, suits, vests, etc.) or biosensors (EEG, heart rate, etc.) by concept (due to technical independendence)
  • No licenses or annual subscriptions required for our hardware products, SDKs and software tools

Focus Areas & Main Applications of our VR Walking Platforms

Our Virtualizer simulators are used in a variety of professional, research and business applications of VR. All of these applications are united by one common requirement or desire: The ability to physically move through large sized virtual environments.

The main applications of our VR locomotion technology are currently in the following industries and sectors

Research & Development

Cyberith is the leading provider of VR locomotion solutions to research institutions, universities and development departments. The Virtualizer and its SDK enable you to easily realize unlimited movement within your VR projects.

Out-of-Home Entertainment

Cyberith’s unique VR simulators enable your users to explore virtual worlds by actually moving through them like they were real. At the same time they are kept safely in place by the Virtualizer, our omnidirectional treadmill for VR.

Training & Simulation

The Virtualizer is the world leading VR Treadmill for professional Training and Virtual Reality Simulation. Its precise motion tracking system and the implemented motion platform it apart from other Omnidirectional Treadmills.

Virtualizer VR Treadmill - Virtual Reality Locomotion Platform - SEE IT IN ACTION

The Virtualizer supports a wide range of movement
Play Video about The Virtualizer supports a wide range of movement

Virtualizer Motion Demonstartion Video

Intuitively using the Virtualizer VR Treadmill
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User Instructions of the Virtualizer ELITE 2

Firefighter in VR with Virtualizer
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Training of Firefighter

The Virtualizer ELITE 2 VR Locomotion Platform - Product Picture

Professional Grade Virtual Reality Treadmills

Our VR Treadmills are made to meet the requirements of professionals – that’s why we focus on enabling intuitive physical walking & decent motion tracking.

All Cyberith products are developed and produced in Austria, Europe.

Our engineers remain available for support beyond the initial setup assistance. We are here to help making your project a success.

The Virtualizer VR platform is available now for professional & commercial customers. We deliver our Virtual Reality Treadmills globally.

Contact us now  – or find further information about your sectors of interest