Virtual Reality Locomotion for Professionals and Businesses

The Cyberith Virtualizer is a locomotion platform for virtual reality. Also known under the name “Omnidirectional Treadmill”, our VR simulator enables full movement in virtual environments.

Cyberith focuses on full-body movement in virtual reality. The motion tracking system of the Virtualizer operates fully optically allowing for high accuracy and low latency. The main applications of our VR locomotion technology are currently in the following industries and governmental sectors

Research & Development

Cyberith is the leading provider of VR locomotion solutions to research institutions, universities and development departments. The Virtualizer and its SDK enable you to easily realize unlimited movement within your VR projects. read more…

Out-of-Home Entertainment

Cyberith’s unique VR simulators enable your users to explore virtual worlds by actually moving through them like they were real. At the same time they are kept safely in place by the Virtualizer, our omnidirectional treadmill for VR. read more…

Training & Simulation

The Virtualizer is the world leading VR Treadmill for professional Training and Virtual Reality Simulation. Its precise motion tracking system sets it apart from other Omnidirectional Treadmills. read more…

  • Walk and run in VR Simulations & Games
  • Full immersion by becoming your avatar
  • Safety & Security for the user

Virtualizer VR Treadmill - Virtual Reality Locomotion Platform - SEE IT IN ACTION

VR Development Kit Demo Lab in the Netherlands
Play Video

Social Sciences at University

Virtualizer VR Treadmill at Gamescom in Germany
Play Video

Entertainment at Gamescom

Firefighter in VR with Virtualizer
Play Video

Training of Firefighter

High Quality Virtual Reality Treadmill

All Cyberith products are developed and produced in Austria, Europe. Our core product, the Virtualizer VR Treadmill, consists of an outstanding tracking technology and high quality components made from steel and aluminium. The product is fully certified by TÜV (CE & FCC).

The Virtualizer VR platform is available now for professional & commercial customers. We deliver our Virtual Reality Treadmill globally.

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