A Render of the VidMill used in a Virtual Production Setting

Cyberith VidMill - Video Production Treadmill

The Cyberith VidMill is a 360° turntable with integrated treadmill, specifically designed for On-Set Virtual Production & Volumetric Capture.

Turntable & Treadmill for Virtual Production & Volumetric Capture

A user running jogging on the Cyberith VidMill Treadmil
Play Video about A user running jogging on the Cyberith VidMill Treadmil

Cyberith VidMill - Introduction Video

The Cyberith VidMill is a motorized treadmill & turntable enabling unlimited movement for On-Set Virtual Production & Volumetric Capture

Combining a rotating platform with a treadmill belt and a programmable PC interface for complete control, the VidMill is ideal for smaller LED volumes or smaller capturing spaces.

The VidMill's Key Features

The legs of the user are walking on the VidMills belt

Belt-based Treadmill for Easy Walking

The VidMill is based on a classical style
treadmill, making walking easy for

The VidMill Turning Treadmill seen from a low angle

Infinitely Rotatable Platform

The VidMill’s infinite rotation capability serves as a turntable. It enables users to walk in any direction while its flat platform allows side steps and short distance walking without treadmill activation.

The bluish VidMill Logo shown on a black PC screen

Computer Controlled

The VidMill is controlled from a Computer and integrates seamlessly to your software applications.

A bluish icon showing a flash.


Allows for movement speed up to 3 m/s
(>10km/h / >6.5mph)

A bluish icon showing a wave

Silent & Smooth

The VidMill minimises noise creation and
ensures smooth, convenient, and safe
movement for actors, with Soft Start and
Soft Stop options.

A bluish icon sliders to symbolize flexibility

Flexible & Customisable

Customise turntable rotation, treadmill belt
movement, and speed. Adjust timing,
movement, rotation speeds, and
accelerations to meet your specific needs.

The Computer Interface

A PC screen showing the Software Interface used to create procedures for the Treadmill to follow.

Set-up procedures and run them as needed

Create, Save, Load & Play Procedures as needed.

Screen showing the VidMill's interface with Unreal Engine

Integrated with Unreal Engine

Seamlessly integrate the VidMill with your  Unreal Engine project to synchronize movement.

A PC screen showing the interface for manual control

Direct Manual Control

Use the Arrow Keys on your keyboard to manually control the turning Treadmill
immediately and without delay.

Use Cases of Cyberith VidMill

Cyberith VidMill being used in a VP Studio

Virtual Production

The movement of the VidMill Video Production Treadmill is perfectly synchronized with the virtual content displayed on LED walls, allowing to create recordings of actors moving infinitely, even in smaller On-Set Virtual Production studios.

Works with any camera tracking solution

As our Video Production Treadmill is implemented into the 3D engine directly, it works independently of the camera tracking solution. Thus, it can be used in combination with any camera tacking solution.

Only 25cm (~10'') in height

The low height of 25cm (approx. 10”) of the platform allows to optimally use of the height of the LED screens available.

Rollers for easy moving on stage

The Cyberith VidMill comes with rollers, that allow to move the device on stage with little effort.

A user is walking on the VidMill within a Volumetric Capture rig

Volumetric Capture

The Cyberith VidMill has been proven to be a useful tool for volumetric capture. It allows customers to record actors running and walking whilst completing their performance, thereby creating a dynamic appearance that engages viewers.

Forms a stage with a plane surface

The VidMill replaces the stage often used in Volumetric Capture rigs. It forms a stable, plane surface that the actor can walk on and can be used like a regular stage when the treadmill is not active.

Diameter of 193cm (~6'4'')

The maximum diameter of the Cyberith VidMill is 193cm (approx. 6’4”). It thus fits well within typical Volmetric Capture spaces.

"Apple Box" holder available

By using an according holder, the VidMill’s allows to stack “apple boxes” onto it’s platform when the belt is not active.

Customization possible

We are keen to learn more about your specific needs and requirements for the ideal video production treadmill and understand that each customer’s requirements may be different.
For example, the VidMill can be supplied in different colours, including chroma key green.

Please contact us to discuss how we can customize VidMill to meet your individual needs.

Cyberith's video production treadmill being demoed in an Austrian VP studio
Play Video about Cyberith's video production treadmill being demoed in an Austrian VP studio

Cyberith VidMill at a Live Demo in a VP Studio

VR Awards 2023 Finalist - VR Hardware of the Year

The Cyberith VidMill is a finalist in the prestigious 7th International VR Awards.
It is an honor to be a finalist in the “VR Hardware of the Year” category.

The Cyberith VidMill is available now to film studios and professional content creators.

Contact us for more information on how the Video Production Treadmill & Turntable could fit your Virtual Production or Volumetric Capture needs
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