Virtual Reality Training and Simulation Solutions

VR for security, safety and industrial applications

Movement and locomotion is of critical importance for many VR Training Solutions.

The Cyberith Virtualizer and Virtualizer ELITE 2 bring exactly this important aspect to your Virtual Reality Training or Simulation.
Our VR locomotion technology enables the trainee to walk and run freely through virtual environments of unlimited size.

Being the world leader for professional virtual reality locomotion solutions, our engagement in the sectors of security and safety is not only natural, but also well appreciated globally by customers.

The implementation of the Virtualizer into your Training application is easy

  • Our Software Development Kit allows for easy implementation in the most common engines
  • The Virtualizer is already compatible with VBS 3 from Bohemia Interactive Simulations, a flexible simulation training solution for scenario training and mission rehearsal
  • Cyberith’s developers and partners are ready to individually build your custom training solution in close cooperation with you
Working Screen of Unity
Working Screen Visual Studio
Working Screen Unreal Engine
Scene VBS on Screen

Our virtual reality Training and Simulation Solutions are in use by customers in different sectors and countries

The sectors our technology offers the greatest value include:

  • Operational training of police, firefighters and paramedics
  • Tactical Training for infantry forces
  • Training of special forces
  • Procedural Training in industry and power industry
  • Safety training in dangerous environments
  • Simulation of industrial processes for optimizing efficiency
Italian Soldier in Virtualizer

Cyberith Virtualizer - VR Training Platform - SEE IT IN ACTION

Firefighter in VR with Virtualizer
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Swiss Police in VR Training with Cyberith Virtualizer
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VR Training with the Virtualizer in Korea
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