Products - Virtualizer Virtual Reality Treadmills

Cyberith focuses on locomotion devices for VR to walk and run through infinitely sized virtual environments.
The motion tracking system of both Cyberith Virtualizer models operate fully optically allowing for high accuracy and low latency.

Virtualizer ELITE 2

The Cyberith Virtualizer ELITE 2 - pitured without arm

Our second generation product uses a powered motion platform to actively support walking in VR.

The Virtualizer ELITE 2 enables the most convenient movement in Virtual Reality applications.

Virtualizer Research & Development Kit

Our basic product covers all the essentials for highest quality Virtual Reality locomotion.

Due to the standardized software interface, the Virtualizer R&D Kit is fully compatible with the Virtualizer ELITE 2.

Professional Grade Virtual Reality Treadmills

All Cyberith products are developed and produced in Austria, Europe.

Our engineers remain available for you beyond the initial setup assistance.