Full-Body Tracking using the Cyberith Avatar

Cyberith-IK - Full-Body Inverse Kinematics for the Virtualizer

Cyberith-IK is an Inverse Kinematics System for Unity & SteamVR, that fully utilizes the sensor data provided by the Virtualizer VR Treadmill. Our IK System brings your full body to VR by making your avatar move realistically.

Cyberith-IK in a nutshell

A Virtualizer user with full-body tracking.
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Cyberith-IK - Introduction Video of a high quality IK system

High Quality Inverse Kinematics System for realistically moving VR avatars in Unity

Watch the introduction video to get an impression on the full-body tracking quality you can achieve by using Cyberith-IK and the Virtualizer VR Walking Platform.

The implementation into your custom Unity application is as easy as it can get.

Cyberith-IK is a 4-point & 6-point IK System for VR

Standard IK Systems for VR only use three tracked points to estimate the positions and rotations of all joints of the user: The position of the head (known through the position of the VR headset) and the positions of both hands (known from the VR controllers).

Without requiring to add any additional hardware other then the Virtualizer itself, our VR Treadmill adds the exact position and rotation of the hips as a 4th point. Due to the central position of the hips on the human body, knowledge of this point improves the quality of full-body tracking massively.

4-point IK

The 4 tracked positions that are always used in Cyberith-IK: Head, both Hands and Hips
  • No additional hardware required
  • Upper Body moves realistically
  • Uses the sensors of your Virtualizer, VR Headset and both Controllers
  • Procedural animation for legs and feet movement (for 3rd party view)

6-point IK

6 point-IK allows for realistic movement of the legs and feet
  • Uses additional trackers mounted on the feet
  • Full Body moves realistically (incl. legs and feet)
  • Adds the sensor data of two trackers for a total of 6 tracked points
  •  User can see his/her own legs move realistically

One-step calibration process

Calibration Screen for Cyberith's Full-Body Tracking System

Make a T-Pose, press the trigger button on the controller and let the system do the rest.

The Cyberith IK System calibrates the height of the user and the length of the arms through a single click.

Full compatibility with FinalIK & and wide variety of avatars

Based on FinalIK

The FinalIK Logo with the iconic Dummy Avatar

Cyberith-IK is based on Rootmotion’s FinalIK, the most advanced IK Solver for Unity. Instead of re-inventing the wheel, we based our work on the best IK Solver out there and focused on the usability for Virtualizer customers.

Thus, Cyberith-IK is fully compatible with all functions of FinalIK, the most advanced IK Solver for Unity.

Works with all Microsoft Rocketbox Avatars

The Microsoft Rocketbox Avatar Library includes professionals of a wide variety of industries.

Our Full-Body Tracking System for VR and the Virtualizer comes with a custom Cyberith avatar and is out-of-the-box compatible with all Microsoft Rocketbox Avatars, a collection of over 100 avatars, that are free to use for research and academic use.

All other avatars following the same standard are similarly compatible.

Full-Body Tracking made for Unity & SteamVR

The Unity Logo

Made for Unity

Unity is the 3D engine chosen by the majority of our customers.

Currently, Cyberith IK is available exclusively for Unity.

SteamVR Logo

Optimized for SteamVR

Cyberith-IK has been designed with SteamVR Systems in mind, as these flexible systems come with finger tracking and because additional trackers are available (Vive Trackers for 6-point IK, face trackers & eye trackers for facial expressions).

In case you don’t wish to use SteamVR, the XR Plugin can be changed accordingly.

Cyberith-IK is available as a Unity Plugin to all Virtualizer customers.

Our easy to use IK System for VR works with both the Virtualizer ELITE 2 and the Virtualizer R&D Kit.
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