Virtualizer Research & Development Kit

The essential VR Treadmill

The Virtualizer R&D Kit allows to walk through infinitely sized virtual environments.
The essential product for solving the locomotion problem in Virtual Reality applications.

Virtualizer R&D Kit - The reliable VR Treadmill for professionals

The Technology

The Virtualizer Research & Development Kit is an effective product to tackle VR’s locomotion problem.

The tried and trusted simulator precisely tracks the user’s movements, allows for a high degree of freedom of movement and can be integrated in your applications easily. The software interface is identical with the the one of the Virtualizer ELITE 2 and therefore allows for full compatibility in any applications.

Mechanical Advantages of all Virtualizer

Linear Profile and Rubber Tube inside Virtualizer

Vertically Movable

The Virtualizer’s ring is flexibly movable vertically:
• No adjustments required for users of different size.
• Allows for crouching and jumping.

Cable Guiding System of the Virtualizer

Cable Guiding System

The Virtualizer guides the wires of the Head Mounted Display. Used correctly, the system avoids wires from tangling up and the user from wrapping himself in cables.

Picture of Vibration Unit inside the Virtualizer

Vibration Unit

The Vibration unit, that is implemented in the baseplate of the Virtualizer products, allows to provide the user with additional haptic feedback, increasing the feeling of immersion in your specific application.

Sensor System

The Motion Sensors

6 optical motion sensors are implemented in the Virtualizer’s baseplate to track the walking speed and the movement direction. The ultra-high framerate of 1000 Hz guarantees extremely fast and precise tracking.

Optical Motion Sensor inside the baseplate of the Virtualizer

The Rotation Sensor

An optical rotation sensor is implemented in the Virtualizer’s ring, tracking the orientation of the user. Combined with the orientation of the headset, our system allows for decoupled viewing and movement directions.

Ring Sensor

The Height Sensor

The optical height sensor is implemented in one of the pillars and tracks the height of the user’s hips. This can be used for scaling the avatar or detecting vertical movements.

Height Sensor

The Virtualizer R&D Kit is available now for professionals & commercial customers.
We deliver our Virtual Reality Treadmills globally.

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