Fully immersive VR Entertainment Solutions

full motion virtual reality for Entertainment Centers

Cyberith’s unique VR simulators enable your users to explore virtual worlds by actually moving through them like they were real. At the same time they are kept safely in place by the Virtualizer, our omnidirectional treadmill for VR.

Our immersive virtual reality simulators include all you need to offer irresistible experiences. Your guest will remember our VR experiences forever.

Virtualizer ELITE - full motion virtual reality entertainment simulator

  • The Virtualizer ELITE, our unique VR Simulator for providing an outstanding experience.
  • Compelling virtual reality applications and games optimized for Arcade use.
  • Service & Long-Term Support according to your needs.

Our virtual reality Entertainment-Installations consist of the following VR equipment

  • Virtualizer ELITE
  • HTC Vive
  • Gaming Computer
Rendering of a Virtualizer ELITE Setup

Fully optimized Arcade Games

The VR applications we offer to our customers include high quality virtual reality games of different genres, such as Adventure, Horror and Shooter Games. We offer both Single-Player and Multi-Player games. All the games are natively developed for Virtual Reality and optimized for Arcade use.

Acan's Call
Singleplayer Adventure Game
Singleplayer Horror Experience
VR Shooter Guns
Singleplayer Sci-Fi Shooter
The Art of Fight - Intense Warfare
Single- & Multiplayer Shooter
VRZ Torment
Single- & Multiplayer Zombie Shooter
Multiplayer Sci-Fi Shooter
Multiplayer Archery Fight
Video Scene Cyberith VR Emulator Doom VFR
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SteamVR Compatibility

We offer a VR Emulator, that makes the Virtualizer ELITE compatible with all SteamVR games, that support “free locomtion” or “touchpad locomotion”.
Our unique VR Emulator makes the Cyberith Virtualizer the first VR Treadmill to be compatible with a huge number of games!

Cyberith Arcade Content Distribution System

Our proprietary Content Distribution System allows you to offer all of our games without any fixed costs. Pay only for the games you use!

All updates are handled centrally and new content is offered regularly. You receive upgrades of your games without additional costs.


Screenshot of Cyberith Arcade Website and Virtualizer ELITE in foreground

Setup Options

Virtualizer ELITE Entertainment Setup
2 Player VR Entertainment Setup
4 players Virtualizer ELITE Entertainment Setup

Our Entertainment Solutions are in daily use by customers around the world. The businesses of our customers include

  • VR Arcade Centers
  • Family Entertainment Centers
  • Laser Tag Arenas
  • Escape Game Centers
  • Theme Parks

Virtualizer - Virtual Reality Locomotion Platform - SEE IT IN ACTION

Girl in Zombie Shooter wearing VR Headset in Virtualizer
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Screenshot of Affected
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Four Virtualizer with Users Top View
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Service & Support

According to your individual needs, we offer services such as conceptualization of your whole VR attraction, system installation and long-term support.
We help you to create a successful virtual reality entertainment center.

Interested in more information about using our full motion virtual reality entertainment solutions?

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An extract of our customers

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Logo Heroes Laser Arena
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