A render of the Virtualizer Stand-Alone Module showing the Status Tab

For compatibility with standalone VR Headsets: The Virtualizer Stand-Alone Module

The Virtualizer Stand-Alone Module makes your Virtualizer VR Treadmill compatible with standalone VR Headsets without requiring a PC.

A user standing in the Virtualizer ELITE 2 wearing a Meta Quest 2 headset
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The Virtualizer Stand-Alone Module - Introduction Video

The Virtualizer Stand-Alone Module (VirtSAM) is a touchscreen based device, that connects our VR Treadmills to standalone VR Headsets via Bluetooth.

The SDK Plugins provided with the system enable you to implement the Virtualizer into your custom Unity & Unreal Engine projects for standalone VR Systems.

Designed for all common standalone VR systems

We specifically focused on the recent models of Meta/Oculus, HTC Vive and Pico. Custom Cyberith SDK Add-Ons are available for all of these headsets.

A render of the Meta Quest 2

Meta Quest

The VirtSAM is designed to be used with Meta devices like Quest 2, Quest 3 & Quest Pro.

A render of the HTC Vive XR Elite

Vive Focus & XR Elite

The HTC Vive Focus 3 & Vive XR Elite are viable options both for standalone and PC-based VR.

A render of the Pico 4 VR headset


Pico Neo 3 & Pico 4 are fully supported by the Virtualizer Stand-Alone Module.

Key functions of the Virtualizer Stand-Alone Module

The VirtSAM is used to connect the Virtualizer to custom applications running on VR headsets in standalone mode. It is not required if you stream applications from a PC to a Quest, Vive Focus, Vive XR Elite or Pico!

VirtSAM showing wireless connection

Wireless Bluetooth Connection

The VirtSAM connects any Virtualizer VR Treadmill to your standalone VR headset wirelessly via Bluetooth.

A render of the VirtSAM with a hand touching it

Touchscreen Interface

The Touchscreen Interface allows to manage connections & settings without requiring a PC.

A render of the VirtSAM with a view from the Cyberith Space Station demo app


The integrated web-browser allows to cast the user’s view to the screen for web-casting supported standalone VR systems.

Custom SDK-Plugins for Unity & Unreal Engine

An Android-compatible Cyberith SDK with Bluetooth functionality is provided with the Virtualizer Stand-Alone Module. Fully prepared plugins optimized for Meta Quest, Pico, Vive Focus & Vive XR Elite are provided for Unity and Unreal Engine.

A PC screen showing the Unity Logo


A PC Screen showing the Unreal Engine Logo

Unreal Engine

The Virtualizer Stand-Alone Module is compatible with both all models of the Virtualizer VR Treadmill.

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