Cyberith Virtualizer: VR Locomotion Device for Research & Development

Virtual Reality Locomotion for your R&D Projects

Cyberith is the leading provider of VR locomotion solutions to research institutions, universities and development departments all around the world. Our core product, the Virtualizer, enables you to realize free and unlimited movement within virtual reality projects.

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High Quality Virtual Reality Locomotion

Our VR Treadmills share an implemented high precision tracking system, that works optically.
The Virtualizer Research & Development Kit is fully optimized for R&D purposes, while the Virtualizer ELITE 2 adds a powered motion platform to actively support walking.

Easy to implement in your VR Application

Both the Virtualizer Research & Development Kit and the Virtualizer ELITE 2 offer all required tools for an easy implementation into your individual project.
All our Virtualizer VR motion platforms share the same SDK and are thus fully compatible with each other.

VR Telepresence
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Character Controller in Unity

Universally Compatible VR Treadmill

The Virtualizer works independently of the chosen Display.

  • Compatible with any Head Mounted Displays like HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Windows Mixed Reality, etc.
  • Similarly compatible with a Cave Automatic Virtual Environment (CAVE). 
  • Can be used in combination with other VR components and devices.

Virtual Trainer Software included

Our Virtual Trainer Software teaches the basics of VR and the correct movement to your study participants within seconds.

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The Cyberith Virtualizer SDK is available in C#, C++ & Python and offers fully prepared Plug-Ins for Unity 3D and Unreal Engine including complete example projects

Unity Working Screen


Native SDK for C++ & C#
Plugins for Unity & Unreal Engine
Complete example projects
Guidelines for integration

Unreal Engine working screen

Advantages of using the SDK:

No additional Software
No additional drivers
Works natively with the Virtualizer
Enable Decoupling
Analogue movement speed detection
Analogue height detection

Visual Studio Working Screen

Main functions:

Movement speed (m/s)
Movement direction (0°-360°)
Body orentation (0°-360°)
User’s height (cm)

The Virtualizer Package - Covers all you need

Logo Virtualizer

Cyberith Virtualizer

Software Development Kit (SDK)

Instructions, Manuals & Direct Support

Virtual Trainer, Testing & Demonstration Applications

The Virtualizer is used in many areas of Research & Development

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