Virtualizer ELITE 2

"The Motion Platform Motion Platform"

The Virtualizer ELITE 2 uses a powered Motion Platform to actively support walking in VR.
The second generation VR Treadmill enables the most convenient movement in Virtual Reality applications.

Virtualizer ELITE 2 - Second Generation VR Treadmill

The Virtualizer ELITE 2 - The most advanced VR locomotion device on the market

Key features set it apart from everything you have seen before:

  • Best walking experience, due to active support of the motion platform
  • Highest accuracy & fastest tracking, due to fully implemented optical tracking system
Thumbnail of the introduction video of the Virtualizer ELITE 2
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Virtualizer ELITE 2 - Introduction Video

Thumbnail Virtualizer ELITE 2 Smartness Update Video
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Virtualizer ELITE 2 - Smartness Update Video

The Virtualizer's Motion Platfrom adapts to the users movements

  • Define the maximum angle of inclination
  • Rotate as fast as you wish – the platform reacts immediately
  • Adjusts quickly to forwards and backwards walking
  • Optimizes angle according to your movement speed

The actively powered Cyberith Virtualizer ELITE 2 - SEE IT IN ACTION

First Time Users in the Virtualizer ELITE 2 Thumbnail Image
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First Time Users in the Virtualizer ELITE 2

Experienced user demonstrates movement in the Virtualizer
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Advanced User demonstratig Walking, Running, Crouching, Backwards Walking & Crouch Walk

The Technology

The Virtualizer ELITE 2 is the worlds first VR Treadmill with an implemented motion platform for an easy walk in virtual environments.

The Simulator actively supports the gait of all users, independently of their physical characteristics. The required physical effort for walking in VR is strongly reduced and can be adjusted individually via a single button.

Actively Powered Motion Platform

Icon indicating less physical effort for walking in the Virtualizer ELITE 2

Less Physical Effort

The motion platform actively supports the user in walking. This leads to strongly reduced physical effort and therefore enables long virtual marches. Different settings allow to incrementally decrease the physical effort.

Icon indication fastest learning curve for novice users of the second generation Virtualizer

Fastest Learning Curve

Due to the active support, getting into the movement is much easier compared with any other concept of VR locomotion. The correct walking movement is easy to learn for kids as well as for elderly.

Icon indicating easy gait in the Cyberith Virtualizer ELITE 2

Easy Gait for Everyone

The new Virtualizer system individually supports the gait of everyone, independently of the user’s height, weight or age. Our patented system makes walking in VR easy and smooth for everyone.

Convenient Use & Operation

Updated Harness System (2020)

The new Virtualizer Harness System (2020) is ergonomic, adjustable, easy to use and comfortable.
These unique characteristics ensure a perfect fit for people of all body shapes without the need to swap the system.

The new Virtualizer Harness (2020)

Flexible Overshoes

The Virtualizer Overshoes are worn on top of the user’s regular shoes.
Made from flexible fabric, the shoe covers – available in sizes S & L – fit business shoes, sneakers, boots and many more.

A Single Virtualizer Shoe Size Small

Fits all body heights

The vertical mobility of the Virtualizer’s ring and harness enables user’s of all body heights to use the product comfortably.
The system moves with the height of the user’s hips, so there’s no need for manual adjustments of the height setting.

Adjustable Height for easy operation of the Virtualizer

Sensor System

Optical Motion Sensor inside the baseplate of the Virtualizer

The Motion Sensors

6 optical motion sensors are implemented in the Virtualizer’s baseplate to track the walking speed and the movement direction. The ultra-high framerate of 1000 Hz guarantees extremely fast and precise tracking.

Ring Sensor

The Rotation Sensor

An optical rotation sensor is implemented in the Virtualizer’s ring, tracking the orientation of the user. Combined with the orientation of the headset, our system allows for decoupled viewing and movement directions.

Height Sensor

The Height Sensor

The optical height sensor is implemented in one of the pillars and tracks the height of the user’s hips. This can be used for scaling the avatar or detecting vertical movements.

Mechanical Advantages

Crouch & Duck Down

The Virtualizer’s ring is flexibly movable vertically, enabling crouching & ducking down.
This feature allows a user to reach any objects in the VR environment, including objects laying on the ground.

Linear Profile and Rubber Tube inside Virtualizer

Cable Guiding System

The Virtualizer guides the wires of the Head Mounted Display.
Used correctly, the system avoids wires from tangling up and the user from wrapping himself in cables.

Cable Guiding System of the Virtualizer

Vibration Unit

The Vibration unit, that is implemented in the baseplate of the Virtualizer VR Treadmills, allows to provide the user with additional haptic feedback, increasing the feeling of immersion in your specific application.

Picture of Vibration Unit inside the Virtualizer

Heavy Use Product

Technical Drawing of highlighted safety function

Automatic Safety Function

The automatic safety function locks the user’s ring in place automatically, thus leading to maximum safety of the user. The system can be deactivated easily, to allow for maximum freedom of movement.

Virtualizer ELITE 2 with highlighted baseplate

Extra Strength & Durability

The mechanical construction of the Virtualizer Elite 2’s base provides extra strength to ensure long-lasting durability for cases of heavy use.

Icon of High Quality Workmanship

High-Class Workmanship and Materials

The Virtualier ELITE 2 uses highest quality materials and components manufactured in our own production site located in Austria.

The Virtualizer ELITE 2 VR platform is available now for professional & commercial customers.
We deliver our Virtual Reality Treadmills globally.

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